Visualisation can

help with

* Learning to relax 
* Changing or better managing negative emotions in response to a particular situation 
* Preparing yourself for changes that you may have to deal with in the future 
* Reducing or eliminating unhelpful behaviors like smoking or overeating
* Increasing effective pain management 
* Coping with difficult situations 
* Learning new positive behaviours like assertiveness 
* Become more motivated about the things we are currently resisting 
* Coping better with how we feel about a previous situation in which our behaviour didn’t meet our expectations - feeling less shame or guilt 
* Manage stressful or anxiety-producing situations by mentally rehearsing the desired behaviours and feelings
Imagination that comes from the depths of our unconscious and of which we have less control, impacts our daily lives.  So it is important to understand the power and meaning of our inner pictures.  This type of imagination stems from our deeper emotions, complexes, unresolved conflicts, and unprocessed wounds from our past.  

A therapist can help the client use imagination to deal with and process repressed negative experiences.  When these negative experiences can be visualised, it helps in dealing with them and they can be healed and therefore changed.  These negative forces can come from internalised voices and images from our past.  They can include those from our parents and others of influence who have caused us pain and wounding in childhood.



Visualisation is using your imagination to create a clear picture of what you want to achieve in your life.  Learning to use your imagination in a conscious way is a creative tool you can use every day.  Our imagination is a powerful thing and when used in a creative and positive way can impact our lives for the better. 

Visualisation has similarities to the process of goal-setting - having a clear and detailed inner picture of what you want or where you want to go, or how you want to be, can help facilitate the changes necessary to achieve those things. When using visualisation as a technique it involves all the senses to create a rich and dynamic inner experience of the goal.  By developing a focused state of attention we can direct our conscious mind to create a positive visual “experience” which in turn generates a real sense of wellbeing 

Therapy and visualisation