• Leadership development
  • High performance team building and collaboration
  • Effective feedback and supervision skills
  • Managing change
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Motivation and positive culture development
  • Improving communication
  • Conflict management and effective negotiation
  • Time management and stress management

Stress and Anxiety

Confidence and Self Esteem 


Relationship Problems

Trauma and Abuse


Chronic or Serious Illness

Family Problems

Adolescent Issues

Sexuality and Identity

Work Related Matters



MindPsych training is designed to support and enhance your organisation's business objectives. Our unique approach to training can impact participants’ overall learning experience and their ability to apply what they’ve learned in the workplace. 

We recognise the need for relevant, practical training to give individuals, groups and whole organisations the skills, tools and techniques to work effectively and achieve the organisation’s strategic and operational goals. 

Whether you are looking for training for a small group or for an entire organisation, MindPsych can design programs that can be delivered across departments, across locations and across levels of management.  
We can customise individual training, one-day courses, workshops and retreats in a number of skill areas.  We tailor our programs to achieve your objectives.  

MindPsych has a flexible approach to training - we design your training to meet your specific needs. When and how you want to learn is crucial in the design and delivery of effective training, as well as training that allows participants to learn at a pace and level that suits the team.

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