Dhurva began her counselling career with studies at the Esalen Institute USA in the early 80’s followed by five years exploring the nexus between psychotherapy and meditation practice both in Australia and the US.  After brief stints as a speech writer for a state politician, and working in private practice,

Dhurva undertook postgraduate studies that led to an academic position as lecturer and program coordinator at a private tertiary college.  She went on to coordinate the Master of Counselling program and implemented and managed online course delivery, before undertaking roles in Strategic Planning, Business Development and Corporate Training.

With considerable experience in tertiary education management and delivery, Dhurva spent time at the University of Tasmania School of Medicine as the Medical Education Coordinator, overseeing the re-design and accreditation of the undergraduate MBBS program, and also consulted for the Teaching and Learning Unit.

As an experienced therapist and educator, Dhurva is interested in the impact of meditation and mindfulness practices on the therapeutic process. 

Dhurva has a special interest in working with people with serious illness and has designed a supportive program to assist her clients through their palliative care journey.  Dhurva also works with young women, families and people experiencing transitions, trauma, grief and loss.

“Entering the therapeutic relationship it is not enough to have an open mind, you must listen with an open heart. With an open heart you can appreciate the client's experience without judgement or preconceptions.  From this place I am better able to understand the client’s journey, the challenges they face, following the nuances of their life and so becoming a companion along the way.”    
                                      - Dhurva Davis

About Dhurva Davis